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Plan The Bathroom Sink First When Remodeling

I love doing home improvement projects because they make me realize that I am human. A flawed, flawed human.

by Rick Shoder

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the home. This is the place where people get ready for the day and relax at night. It is essential to have a bathroom that is both functional and beautiful, so it is important to plan out everything before the work begins.

It is a good idea to plan for the sink first.

The bases vary greatly, and it is important to make sure that your vanity is going to fit in the area. I did not take that into consideration when I remodeled my bathroom, and I paid the price for it. I learned to plan the bathroom sink first when I did my second bathroom. The problem I had the first time is that the depth of the vanity was too far out. I measured it to fit lengthwise between the toilet and the tub, but it jetted out quite a long way into the walking space. This created a very undesirable condition, and I was forced to return the original vanity that I had spent months shopping for.

That was the biggest problem that I had with my remodeling project. I ended up having to replace the old pedestal sink with a new one. I did not get the storage that I was hoping for, but the bathroom looks really good now that it is finished.

Another problem arose when I was anchoring the new sink to the wall. The T-screws that attach the sink have to go in a special way. Make sure that you find out the right way to put them in to avoid problems. I am a believer in screwing up first before asking questions, so I spent many hours trying to figure those things out. I finally consulted a professional and he told me how to put them in properly. Needless to say, I had the new sink in after only 20 minutes.

Toilet planning is next. Yes, you heard right.

After you plan the bathroom sink, it is time to move onto the other features of the room. It is a good idea to make sure that the new toilet you choose will fit in the area that you have available as well. I figured this one out on my own after my sink disaster. Anyway, the toilet installation is rather simple.

It is wise to make certain that all of the new flooring goes down before the toilet and sink are installed. Many of the new types of flooring are very easy to put down, but it is important to properly measure and cut the flooring first. The last thing you want to do is get pumped up after installing the toilet and then have to cut the floor around it. The best way to get a professional look is by laying the floor first, and then installing or reinstalling the room features.

I love doing home improvement projects because they make me realize that I am human. Plan out your new bathroom, but be smart about it.

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How To Plan Bathroom Renovations.

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